The synergy between a thirty-year Italian craft experience and an original design, based on the need to research and develop topics up with the new aesthetic trends, gives birth to Atlasproject, an exclusive furniture collection conceived by the designer Massimiliano Giordano.

Originally inspired by the Scandinavian design, the project is a continuous journey of contamination and encounter between the many voices of the European design.
After spending five years in Copenhagen, Massimiliano Giordano is currently based in Vienna, the beating heart of the refined Mitteleuropean design.  





Let yourself be conquered by Atlas, a series of round and rectangular mirrors.
Primary figures that enclose refined geometries. A modern interpretation of the traditional plumb ligation that, thanks to innovative technologies, gives a result of great impact. While winking at the past, the design is expressed in all its essential nature and elegance.




Or leave to discover the chromatic journey through the materials of Itinera. The color lights through the materials received inside the geometric spaces of Atlas.
Mirror and matter combine in a dynamic dialogue, offering reflections that attract the eye and stimulate the sense of touch.
Find out the galleries of decorative panels, coffee tables and furniture items, which enriche the line with the same, surprising effect.

The products of the Atlasproject collection are entirely made in Italy by skilled craftsmen, who use modern equipment to ensure high-quality and long-life products.
The shaping of the pieces is performed by numerical control machines, while the finishing work and  the assembly are strictly performed by hand, ensuring in this way quality and value of each item.


The numerous color variations are the result of careful selection of natural materials and hand-processed metals. Stones, brass, copper, steel, leather and many others are the materials that represent the color source for the products of the line Itinera.
Used for their original features and uniqueness of veins, shades and optical effects, they represent the amazing natural color palette to draw from. In this way each piece will be unique and unrepeatable.






Atlasproject presents collections of products with unique features, but offers its support to the development and research of customized solutions. The team is open to the development of new models and the selection of new materials for the production of the Atlasproject products, but is also available for the study and technical advice aimed at designing and creating unique solutions of indoor partition structures and coatings.