Dea Luna


Inspired by Earth's only natural satellite, Atlasproject's Dea Luna is a tribute to the beauty and mystery of the celestial body that has accompanied mankind's journey since the dawn of time.

Bright and shining materials are proposed on the surface. It is the moon we know, close enough to let us see its deep seas and bright lands. At the bottom, however, a dark, iridescent surface spreads out: it is the black face of the moon, which no one will ever be able to see from Earth.

The design of the piece is bold and elegant, and the choice of materials is both eclectic and balanced.
Steel, Murano glass and antiqued mirror overlap, support each other and finally merge.
The synthesis is shining, vibrant, but not without a note of mystery.

Technical Details

Size : L 35cm / H 35 cm / D 32 cm

Materials :
Mirror By Antique Mirror
Stainless Brushed Steel
Murano Glass

Weight : 5 Kg

Design By Massimiliano Giordano 

April 2024