The geometry is reflected in the mirrors, where few lines, carefully drawn, give a collection of exuberant essentiality.



The material fills the space. Elegantly combined materials give you a perfect balance of richness and simplicity.The Itinera Collection lends itself to the customization, through the combination of materials and colors.



Created for the Salone del Mobile, Milan 2021, Aqua Mater is
Atlasproject's homage to the element from which every form of life is
generated. The enchantment of the flowing water, its cheerful lapping and turquoise reflections are captured in this unique and incredibly bright mirror.
A blade of light capable of capturing attention in its majestic simplicity.



The fascinating performance of the moon casting its shadow onto Earth inspired this mirror by Atlasproject. The typical geometries of the design and the refined materials guarantee a seductive and brilliant result, as a tribute to our wonderful Satellite.



As a journey through the time, where lives can cross or never meet, the lines run along the surface of the Clepsydra mirrors, approaching the most diverse materials while preserving their uniqueness.
Entirely crafted by hand, these amazing mirrors were born by the harmonious synthesis of the Italian taste creativity and a deep technical knowledge of the materials. Geometry and colors come together to create a stunning collection of must have pieces.



Essentiality and elegance as hallmarks of the Res mirrors collection.



A refined play of slopes and inclined planes that intersect
and cut each other characterizes this mirror with a dynamic and futuristic design. The care in the realization and the research of the finest materials represent the distinctive feature of this mirror, which will enrich any environment with its precious uniqueness.



A door that leads to infinite others. The geometries that make up the mirrors of the "Itaca" collection invite you to a journey without a destination, or rather where encounters, experiences and adventures are themselves the destination.



Domina is the new stage of the Atlasproject journey. While the continuity of the design concept is preserved, the research is here focused on delivering a message of flexibility and harmony of the forms. The vibrant sensuality of the lines and the refinement of the materials create a combination of exclusive elegance and sophistication.



Vesuvius is the tribute of Atlasproject to the most powerful and romantic presence of nature in the landscape of Naples.Much wealth and much misery have come down over the centuries from Vesuvius, "the great exterminator" , as it was called by the famous poet Leopardi. 
The Vesuvius mirror recalls the amazing force of nature throug the combination of the materials selected: lavic stone, fused glass, copper.
The geometries of the design retrace the relentless descent of incandescent lava, while the mirror suggest to the spectator that witnessing the becoming of nature and remaining stunned is the only option offered to the spectator.