The Kaleidoscopio work team, with its thirty years gained experience, is glad to present Atlasproject, a new line of products conceived by the designer Massimiliano Giordano.


An exclusive furniture collection, born from the synergy between a long-standing craft experience and an original design, based on the need to research and develop topics up with the new aesthetic trends.


Atlasproject is divided into two lines of the mirrors’ collection: “Atlas” and “Itinera”.


Atlas identifies a series of round and rectangular mirrors. Primary figures that enclose refined geometries. A modern interpretation of the traditional plumb ligation that, thanks to innovative technologies, gives a result of great impact. While winking at the past, the design is expressed in all its essential nature and elegance.


Itinera is a chromatic journey led through the materials. The color lights through the materials received inside the geometric spaces of Atlas.

Mirror and matter combine in a dynamic dialogue, offering reflections that attract the eye and stimulate the sense of touch.


A series of coffee tables enriches the line, with the same, surprising effect.



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